Mindfulness is not a thing,
it is an activity of doing.

Welcome to the website of Vipassanā Insight Meditation teacher, writer, and podcaster, p.m. cheevers, also known as Paul M. Cheevers.

Paul is co-founder and teacher at South Shore Insight Meditation Center.

The book

Mindfuling...DIY is a beautiful limited edition hardcover book with vinyl record insert.

The podcast
The Mindfuling podcast offers over 200 episodes that you can listen to anywhere, anytime.

Upcoming events

Weekly and monthly Vipassana (Insight) meditation classes, including guest teacher Buddhist Dhamma / Dharmma talks, beginner’s classes, a men’s group, and more.

The book

Mindfuling...DIY is the author's first published book about the Buddhist Eightfold Path, a limited edition hardcover book and vinyl record. 

Listen to the podcasts

Practice, guided for letting go and just practicing... practicing... beyond the limits of sound... and even mantra.

Statues and trappings associated with religion can really, and do really, impede individuals from learning and practicing meditation. For some, the trappings are a delight that attracts to such a degree that they think the statues and writing and incense are the practice. Instead, just practice. Focusing on the felt sense of the body is a great...

Some guided sound field encouragement. Body can fail you now. Deep fake. What is real. What is practice. Frosting and pie.

Reach out to Paul

How to contact Paul Cheevers for author talks, podcast interviews, and teaching requests. 

About p.m. cheevers

Paul is co-founder and teacher at South Shore Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts, and author of the book Mindfuling...DIY, about the Eightfold Path of Buddhism.

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